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The West Virginia Trappers Association began with the dreams and ideals of a few industrious men: Don Hunter, Tom Batten, Olston "Nick" Wright, Jim Williams, Charles Richmond, Paul Larrowe, Robert Merrill, and Robert Butler.

In 1967, the group met and formed the corporation of the West Virginia Trappers Association, Inc., in Grafton, WV.

The ideals for which the corporation were formed read as follows, "To develop leadership for the advancement of the best interests of the trappers and the fur industry as a whole.
"To inspire in our membership a desire to practice the ethics of true sportsmanship toward others who may wish to enjoy the recreation and pleasure of the outdoors.
"To impart adequate knowledge to our youth concerning the necessity for conservation.
"To cooperate with duly recognized conservation organizations in the furtherance of the trapping association.
"To advocate a comprehensive research program regarding the conservation of native furbearing animals.
"To cultivate a feeling of goodwill and mutual understanding through a proper respect for the rights of landowners at all times.
"To eliminate unnecessary cruelty to animals in the employment of traps.
"To discourage unjust and eliminate fradulent trade practices in the marketing of raw fur.
"To aid and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in bringing about the apprehension and just punishment of trap and fur thieves."

Although the times have changed, our association is dedicated to the above principles and ideals. We urge our members to be active and participate in our events.

Dates to Remember

September 20-21, 2019 - WVTA Convention, Glenville, WV