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FTA Affiliate 38

Northern Panhandle Trappers Association

Trappers who reside in West Virginia's northern panhandle region meet monthly at Colliers, WV. An open-forum discussion is held at each meeting, complete with trapline techniques, issues, and new methods. For more information about the Northern Panhandle Trappers Association, email info@wvtrappers.com

Pendleton County Trappers Association

This club serves trappers in Pendleton and surrounding areas. A monthly meeting is held at Franklin, with discussions and demonstrations. New members are readily made welcome. For more information about joining the Pendleton Trappers, email jthomas@wvtrappers.com

Ritchie County Trappers Association

Meeting monthly in Smithville, WV, this club consists of over 30 members, ages 8 to 80, and serves trappers in Ritchie, Gilmer and Calhoun Counties. An annual Rendezvous is held in October, at which time members can dye and wax their traps free of charge. Each meeting is complete with a demonstration, and new members are always welcome. This club is a yearly sponsor of the WVTA Young Trappers Education program. For more information on joining the Ritchie Trappers, email bhealy@wvtrappers.com

Roane County Trappers Association

This clubs sports one of the largest memberships of any state affiliation, and meets monthly in Spencer. The group is very active in the education of the youth of Roane County and surrounding areas. For more information about joining the Roane Trappers, email info@wvtrappers.com 

Many clubs have events throughout the year.

North Central WV Trappers Association

The WVTA's newest affiliate, this club meets monthly and includes trappers from Monongalia, Marion, Taylor, Preston, Harrison and Wetzel Counties. Plenty of events are scheduled for this new group! For more information, contact info@wvtrappers.com

Dates to Remember

September 20-21, 2019 - WVTA Convention, Glenville, WV